Corporate Tax Advisory Services

Tax planning is a cumbersome task for organizations these days. As the provisions of taxation are getting detailed and complex day-by-day, organizations are seeking specialized corporate tax advisory solutions to work out their tax structure and liability according to their business activities.

Depending upon your nature of business, we devise a tax structure for you that will reduce your tax liability. Our main aim is to make you pay the least amount of corporate tax under any income tax law without resorting to tax evasion. We also suggest you the right time to buy and sell investments in order to generate minimum tax liability.

Our expert staff examines your previous years’ returns to identify whether you have missed any tax-saving opportunity. Accordingly, we give investment advice to overcome such tax leakages from the business.

Fund Raising advisory services

Fundraising is the main activity that kick starts any business activity. Large organizations that are already well-established and have public recognition generally find it easier to raise funds from all the sources. It is mainly the small and medium enterprises that find it difficult to convince investors to provide funds.

Fund raising advisory services help such enterprises collect funds for their proposed business activities. We promote the business and look for the potential investors. We also provide consultancy services to suggest the best suitable avenues of raising funds according to the client’s requirement.

Depending upon the purpose of funds, we categorize the fund requirement into different headings. For instance, promotion purpose, expansion need, or liquidity requirement, etc. For each category, we have a detailed plan suggesting the amount of investment requirement, expected minimum return, investment tenure, degree of management control, etc. These plans are tentative and customized as per the change in client’s requirement.

Our experienced team of analysts review the current financial position of the company, do the required documentation work, and also help the client in due diligence. We also help our clients in negotiating terms with the potential investors.

Joint Venture Advisory Services

Joint venture is a contractual agreement or deal between two or more businesses or companies for the key purpose of accomplishing all business undertakings. The companies that sign the agreement are also liable to share their profits, losses, and liabilities for the pre-defined time period. The venture represents a complete new entity but all the parties involved enjoy the right to exist as a separate firm. The most essential advantage of a joint venture is that all the companies into the deal share their money, property, efforts, knowledge, along with sharing the risks and losses.

In the recent years, the increasing number of entrepreneurs has given a dramatic rise to joint venture in various industrial sectors. This has eventually given rise requirement of focused advisory services that offer a range of solutions with regards to Joint venture advisory services.

We offer joint venture advisory services to all firms and companies to help companies expand their operations. A team of dedicated and expert professionals analyze the viability of the joint venture alliance and offer a complete report with the possibilities, advantages, and risks associated with the proposed plan. This makes it easy for our clients to seek the right kind of relationship. Once the agreement is finalized, our team progresses with the execution process keeping all the transactions transparent. All the services including joint venture governance, decision making, performance reporting, associated fees, evaluation of possible risks, asset management, exist mechanisms, negotiations, and finalizing the deals are all offered in qualitative manner and time.

Project Advisory

The success of any project depends upon a number of factors like sound project design, lower cost, efficient management, proper implementation, and effective project deviation control devices. Therefore, it becomes important for an organization to seek the help of a project advisory firm to undertake their projects systematically following a professional approach. As project advisory consultants, we offer solutions that help our clients execute their dream projects with much ease and confidence. As project planning and implementation is a strategic task, we adopt a step-by-step procedure beginning with project viability analysis. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients. For this, we strive hard to deliver quality results on time. We offer specialized reports on sector studies to our clients to help them take a macro view of the scenario in which they plan to initiate their project. This helps them gauge the difficulties and opportunities in the way of implementing the project.

Our services includes:-

  • Analysis of project viability
  • Calculating the present value of future returns from the project
  • Comparing of Present value with the project cost
  • Designing the project
  • Implementing it within a stipulated period of time
  • Project Bid advisory from tax and regulatory perspective
Shareholder Agreements advisory services

Shareholders’ agreement advisory services help our clients draft the agreement that is complete and free from loopholes. Our expert team work in close contact with the management to deliver results as expected. Our main objective is to safeguard the interests of the shareholders as well as that of the company.

Exit Strategies advisory services

As bringing business into existence is a well-laid strategy, similarly exiting a business or a line of business is also a planned decision. If you wish to close your company or department, it is imperative to plan in advance how you want to plan the closure in order to save your invested funds as well as provide maximum gain to the shareholders.

We have an expertise in providing company exit advisory services. We formulate and execute the most effective exit strategy to help you transit smoothly from your current state. We foster a close and confidential relationship with our clients to avoid any communication gap that may hamper the planning process.

We explain you all the laid-out exist strategies and then we tailor the strategy depending upon client exit objectives. In case you have no clue about the exit procedure, we initiate from the first step of defining exit objectives. We analyze and deduce the objectives in our meetings and discussions with you.

To formulate a strategy, business or company valuation is the most important factor. We have a team of certified financial experts who calculate the net worth of your company in a manner that you will get the maximum value of your business at the time of closure.

Apart from this, gap analysis is another critical element in exit decisions. Our team helps in bridging the gap between the current company value and the value desired at the time of exit.